Vision Statement:

Our vision is that poor and low-income people are empowered to see that they have choices in life and have the confidence to make the choices that are most appropriate for them and their families.

ACCESS Advisory is a non-profit consulting firm whose mission is to improve performance, sustain operations and support growth of rural economic actors.



Financial inclusion stakeholders know the empowering potential of financial services. But the best research to date shows that only 5-10% of clients experience a truly transformative increase in income.

We created ACCESS Advisory to help make financial inclusion work for the rural economy.

Since 2009, ACCESS has worked with financial service providers, rural MSMEs, investors, regulators, NGOs and other stakeholders, not only to develop and test products and delivery channels that expand financial access to underserved rural farmers and entrepreneurs, but also to understand and replicate the aspects of financial service usage that contribute the most to positive outcomes for clients.

We believe that facilitating access to financial services alone is no longer sufficient. True financial inclusion should also address client usage of financial services.

As consultants, our goal is to contribute to our partners’ long-term growth while they contribute to their clients’ economic well-being and sense of empowerment.





                     Strategies &




Since 2009, ACCESS Advisory has supported financial inclusion and farm and enterprise development across Asia, as well as in the Pacific, Africa, and Europe. ACCESS is a non-profit consultancy headquartered in Manila, with a Greater Mekong regional office in Yangon and a South Asia regional office in Kathmandu.

Technical assistance to expand financial inclusion remains at the heart of ACCESS’s work. However, ACCESS places equal emphasis on how financial and non-financial services are delivered and on how rural MSME clients––ACCESS’s final target population––use those services to create opportunities to increase their income.

Rural economic actors work with ACCESS on organizational development, staff capacity-building, and program evaluations.

Rural financial service providers work with ACCESS on product development to help them reach out to smallholder farmers and rural MSMEs while strengthening risk management and client protection.

ACCESS also provides advisory services to regulators, investors and other stakeholders working to promote financial inclusion in rural areas.



Transferring knowledge effectively requires dialogue. ACCESS Advisory specializes in delivering knowledge transfer programs using the participatory approach embodied in adult learning principles.

ACCESS’s training program incorporates the experiential-based learning cycle as a key pedagogical method.

In-depth consulting assignments are designed with our partners using the strategy map and balanced scorecard framework developed by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton.



Since its founding in 2009, ACCESS has worked in partnership with numerous financial institutions, MSMEs, international and local NGOs, government agencies, and funding organizations.

ACCESS is known for its highly participatory approach to delivering consulting and technical support. Rather than make decisions for our partners, our team guides our partners along a structured journey to solutions that are most appropriate for them and over which they have full ownership.

Through its diagnostics and research as well as its technical assistance, ACCESS’s team members provide advice and support based on proprietary information. ACCESS has become a trusted partner of these organizations by demonstrating:

  • Integrity: ACCESS strives to provide the best analysis it can in order to support its partners and clients, even if sometimes this means asking difficult questions or addressing sensitive issues.
  • Independence: ACCESS is a legally independent entity with its own governing board, and its work is driven by building mutually-supportive partnerships with other organizations for the purposes of attaining the shared goal of rural development.
  • Impartiality: ACCESS’s core business is in rural development and it views other organizations in the field as collaborators rather than competitors.

Confidentiality: ACCESS maintains strict confidentiality with regard to information provided by its partners and clients.

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