Jay P. Supetran is currently Country Manager of ACCESS Advisory Myanmar. This blog reflects personal opinions and impressions on various development issues.

ACCESS Advisory:

Our vision is that poor and low-income people are empowered to see that they have choices in life and have the confidence to make the choices that are most appropriate for them and their families.

Poverty is a multi-faceted problem, but it is very often a consequence of exclusion–a lack of access to the fundamental resources that enable a person or a family to build a better life.

ACCESS Advisory helps to address exclusion and poverty by promoting financial inclusion. This is because it is impossible for anyone to build wealth, grow their business and protect their families without the proper tools for managing money.

However, financial services alone are not always sufficient. Real wealth building requires not just financial services, but better usage of those services.

To achieve this, ACCESS Advisory also provides solutions to clients in the form of financial education, business and farm enterprise development and, most importantly, overcoming limiting beliefs and the poverty mindset.

What is our goal? Too often, poverty reduction is measured only materially. Material wealth, especially savings or increased income, is of course indispensable. However, reducing poverty is also about being empowered to see that there are choices in life and to have the confidence to make the choices that are most appropriate for them and their families. By providing financial access and training, ACCESS Advisory, through its partnerships, facilitates their ability to make those choices.


Manila Office                                                                 Myanmar Office

3 Floor  Montivar Bldg.                                                   181 Ward 7, Man Win Maung Street

Jupiter St. cor. Planet St.                                                  Hpa-an Township, Kayin State

Bel-Air Village, Makati City, Philippines                        Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Tel.: (+632) 4033270/3276                                              Tel.:

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