Tools for training and facilitation


The completion of  technical assistance to selected financial institutions in Nepal highlighted the use of  tools that hastened the learning process of participants and  expedite discussions on topics saving precious time. The key element of the tools is participation, allowing inputs from the participants  and ensuring they have ‘ownership’ of the outputs.

  1. Metaplan technique

The Metaplan Technique was developed by a German consulting firm with the same name. Using cards where their ideas are written, participants to an activity are able to share their opinions. The cards then became the collective opinion of the group. Cards with the same idea can be clustered to show the ranking of ideas. Innovative ideas show up also in the process. The process allows participation even from those who are not talking too much, and also limits grandstanding of some participants as ideas are written instead of being explained.

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2. Group dynamics

Structured learning exercises (SLE) are used as part of the activities discussed, to provide examples and analogies for the participants to have better understanding of the subject. Groups dynamic activities are also used as an icebreaker, at times when the energy level of the participants are getting low when they are passive listeners in an activity.

Variety of group dynamics used during the TA involved short activities that compete between groups; activities that lead participants to commit errors and hence liable to be punished; activities that motivates participants to discover something, and other exercises that ensures focus and active participation to the learning event.


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